White Nuckle Sports
Custom Script Logotype
Product Design
One Handed Trainer
Product Design
Killer Bee Pro Maple Bat
Product Design
Pro Birch Bat

Brand Design

For a start-up baseball company with a focus on custom-made, bespoke wood bats for competitive athletes, I created a unique identity system and supporting elements that speak to the quality and professionalism of the product.


  • Co-Owner

    Partner, Creative Director, Brand Manager

  • Branding

    Messaging, Identity Design & Illustration

  • Art Direction

    Product Photography

  • Product Design

    Wood Bats, Training Bats, Heavy Balls

  • Apparel Design

    Shirts, Hoodies, Caps

  • Website Design

    Fully Responsive Website & E-commerce

  • Collateral

    Promotional Materials, Booklets, Sales


  • Supporting Design

    Colin Mumbach

  • Product Photography

    Kennon Evett

  • Web Development

    Phil Moody