YesPrep Public Schools
brand identity guidelines

Brand Design /

YesPrep Public Schools is an exciting new approach to education. With a focus on underserved communities, YesPrep can completely transform communities and families. We started with a brand refresh that was as bright and colorful as their culture.

Northside Pride

Mascot Design /

A big part of the school culture is their campus mascot. For each of these middle schools, we created custom illustrations, and sometimes secondary and tertiary icons, that reflect key aspects of their personality. Teachers and students alike rally around the new designs as a reflection of their school spirit.

Redefine Education
Annual Report Cover
Detail of annual report
showing embossed cover
Student Portrait

Photography /

Portrait photography is a key element of the YesPrep brand. By combining candid student shots and success stories, the core value proposition is more clearly communicated. Many of these students are the first in their families to graduate and go on to college. Showcasing student success is an easy way to demonstrate the effectiveness of the school.

A Defining Moment
Brochure Cover
Capital campaign booklet showing 
registered clear foil emboss
A Defining Moment
Brochure Spread
A Defining Moment
Brochure Spread
A Defnining Moment
Brochure Spread

Fundraising /

“A Defining Moment” became the campaign moniker thanks to many successful years by the executive staff growing the YesPrep brand. To help raise awareness and funding for additional campuses, and to celebrate the accomplishments of the school’s number one product, its students, a brochure was created that conveys the YesPrep story through narrative.

Senior Signing Day /

We created a short video to commemorate the experience of Senior Signing Day, an event where outgoing seniors announce their commitment to a four-year college. This is one of the the most important events in the lives of the Yes Prep student.

Role /

  • Creative Direction

    Concepts, Thematic Development, Content

  • Art Direction

    Tone, Personality, Photography

  • Design Direction

    Layout, Typography, Color

  • Environmental Design

    Architectural Development, Signage

  • Web Design

    UI, UX, Information Architecture,

  • Print Design

    Pacing, Layout, Typography, Charts

  • Illustration

    Mascot Development, Sketches, Finished Art

  • Production

    Processes, Finishing, Implementation

Credits /

  • Agency


  • Executive Creative Director

    David Hoyt

  • Copywriter

    David Hoyt

  • Account Manager

    Bo Sims

  • Campaign Editorial Photography

    Cody Bess

  • Supporting Art Direction

    Tyler Swanner

  • Supporting Design

    Tyler Swanner